About us 

Our Story

For those of you who don’t know us yet, we are a brother and sister duo, writers and podcasters, Nick and Jenn Beard.

We aim to address cultural issues and wrestle with the tough questions…questions that have gone unanswered for far too long. 

Social media is powerful, but it’s rife with opinions, which don’t always bring light to the darkness. Truth does. Yet, truth has been largely ignored in favor of well worded twitter posts or comedic punch lines. Afterall, candy-coated fiction is visually appealing and tasty, but too much of it leaves one sick and lacking nutrition. Truth, on the other hand, is meaty and substantial. While sometimes hard to swallow, it is edifying. It brings life. It illuminates and dispels darkness. In the end, truth is strong enough to set the captive free. We just have to be willing to pursue it and to listen. 

In a world of the stereotypical influencers, of half-hearted truths and hyper-edited pictures, it seems that social media stars are less about helping others than they are about helping themselves. The core goal of social media seems centered on what can boost ratings and egos. 

But, we aren’t here to feed the beast of social media approval. We will be as genuine online as we are offline, speaking out on issues that desperately need the truth, even if it causes us to be disliked 

The truth can be a dreadful thing. It often confronts topics that we fear. Have you ever questioned, “Where will I go when I die?” Are we willing to ask the deeper questions and wrestle with the truth? My response to that is, “Is freedom worth it?” 

Here at the Bearded Truth, we don’t have all the answers, not even close. But we have noticed that in our conversations with each other, we have discovered solutions — answers that aren’t just philosophical in nature, but that have real world applications.  

These conversations have helped us better understand the world around us, prepare us for what is to come and most importantly take control of our own lives here and now!

And so we welcome you to join us on this journey. We believe that truth, like beauty and goodness, is one of the most valuable treasures. It is strong enough to heal and to overcome the darkness. So, let us pursue truth together. Let us face our fears and slay the dragon of deception as we confront and tackle difficult issues together.  

 Also, if you’d like to know us better, here is a bit of our background…

Our Story

Nick and I were born and raised in Louisiana and are part of a big family of six siblings! And yes, I’m the only girl in the mix. 

While I, Jenn Beard, worked in the field of politics for close to ten years, I recently ventured into the world of the arts and business. I love painting, writing, music, horseback riding, travel, and a really good cappuccino.

Nick’s background is in philosophy and writing. While busy finishing his novel and working on film sets, he joins me in recording podcasts and creating content for the Bearded Truth!

We are excited to get to know you and to share and discuss current topics and ideas!

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