WARNING: The Bearded blogs may be snarky and perhaps spark dissent.

The Bearded Truth’s main writers are the Beard siblings: Jenn Beard and Nick Beard. They will cover a wide-range of topics from current events, film, faith, philosophy, politics, and pop-culture. Posts will be written purposefully to encourage the reader as much as to provoke thought.

The Bearded Truth aims to challenge the norm which declares, “Dissent and disagreement are bad.” This generation seems to be bent on a trend that avoids healthy debate due to a fear of harassment or losing likability. Yet, at the same time, we want to avoid the common arguments brandied throughout social media today; because, they tends to err on the side of verbal violence and are rife with illogicalities.

In ancient times, the Greeks enjoyed debate and a rivalry of ideas in order to better understand what is good and true. Likewise, we aim to challenge viewpoints in order to understand what is true as we cultivate intelligent conversation of different perspectives regarding worldviews and current issues.

Feedback is important. But,  we ask commentators to engage one another with civility; if possible, brevity; and preferably, with wit!

Thank you for reading and thoughtfully engaging!


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